Opertunities With Us

Businesses and industries in Qatar have always been in need of proper workforce to accomplish their ventures and live up to the dynamics of the economy. Eshaman Manpower strives to meet these demands of various clients by providing them with an energetic workforce.

There are countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia and others who are home to strong manpower but with a shortage of opportunities. The scenario has caught our attention, and this is when Eshaman Manpower came into existence. We grew with this motive of creating a path of opportunity for this workforce, consequently supplying the job market in Qatar with potential candidates.

Having been in this Human Resource industry for a good period, Eshaman Manpower has gathered an extensive knowledge of the market trends and requirements. Over the years, we have understood the procedure of recognizing potential jobs and picking the most skilled individual for that. With this know-how, we make every effort to serve you with a quality employee base having a great sense of responsibility.

Eshaman Manpower ensures opportunities are open for all. Our endeavours are to become a one-stop solution for all your manpower needs. Professionals with us are efficient enough to find out the best men for you.

"In one word - Eshaman Manpower is where opportunities associate with people both ways."

About Us

Strategies of Us

Cultivating efficiency

Efficiency is the first word for a profitable output. Improving our efficiency denotes delivering better quality, speeding up work and making effective use of the available resources.

Generating revenue

To generate maximum revenue for a company, a strong workforce stands as the biggest asset. Eshaman develops strategic approaches for providing our clients with potential candidates for increasing productivity for their successful ventures.


Our thought leadership approach helps us in better assessing the market and possible future dynamics to best meet our clients’ requirements.

Being innovative

We look forward to a satisfactory service through our innovations. We develop advanced systems to identify the ‘new and next’ in this challenging – changing job market, supplying the prospective manpower.


Eshaman Manpower has continuously evolved as an organization that encourages quality, integrity, and sustainability.

About Us

Values of Us

People and their progress

We strongly believe that every individual should be given equal opportunity to develop and create a better life for them. Eshaman Manpower understands how important work is for every human being.

Not everyone has equal potential for doing every job, but the individuals have something unique to benefit the industry and society as a whole. We value their abilities and encourage people to progress in their lives offering them with the best job opportunity.

Our team

Likewise, every member of our team is valued for his/her contribution towards fulfilling the ambition of Eshaman Manpower. We acknowledge their endeavours for the success of this company.

Together we blend culture and community from across the globe to offer a productive market.

Our innovative spirit

We believe, innovation is the fuel to challenge the existing norms of the job market and develop a sustainable environment with better strategies. Eshaman Manpower has always accepted risks, letting our clients be excluded from all hassles.

"We care and so we dare!"

About Us