Message from the Managing Partner

“As a Managing Partner, this journey has been an extremely satisfying one. With the primary aim of providing adequate workforce in a systematic manner within the domain of Qatar, our firm has been successful in executing the demands and living up to our standards. Our dream of providing the best has motivated us to work harder.”

Acting as a mentor to Eshaman Manpower, Mr. Kutubuddin Mollah has had an immense role in ensuring its success in this arena of providing workforce to the Qatar domain. The aim that the company had started off with, of recruiting manpower from South-eastern and African countries, as India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Kenya, Ghana, found a perfect path with his guidance. With an experience worth noting in this market, Eshaman Manpower has always provided the best of workforce to its clients well within the client’s demands.

Eshaman Manpower has been at the top of its game courtesy its strategy and the core brain behind it is none other than Mr. Kutubuddin Mollah. Charting out this territory of success, this firm has been able to live up to its efficiency and spirit at every step.

A true guide is one who breaks stones to create a path. A path that Eshaman Manpower has found to reach remarkable glory and success!

Kutubuddin Mollah

-- Managing Partner

"Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose."

-- Bill Gates