Signing the agreement

An agreement has to be signed between the client and the agency stating the various terms and conditions clearly and accepting those. It includes the norms regarding supply of manpower from the various countries we bring candidates from.


Working closely to know the requirements

We largely emphasize on understanding the various requirements of our clients first so that we can provide them with the candidate having maximum potential. Our team discusses details to offer a personalised service and ensure positive relationship is maintained between us.


Document submission

Once we are on with the project, our clients need to submit the necessary documents to go by the legal procedure.

Power of Attorney

The client or the employer would need to deposit a power of attorney to Eshaman Manpower regarding this recruitment.

Demand Letter

The employer would also require submitting a demand draft in favour of Eshaman Manpower Company. You need to state the number of recruits you need and in which categories, including details of salary, working hours, contract duration, etc. It should be in original.

Visa Documents

The employer needs to submit the visa documents so that the Government of the candidate’s respective country allows clients to hire people.

Consular Letter

A letter has to be submitted addressing the Consular General of Qatar. This is for allowing this recruitment of candidates from other countries.

Company Registration Copy

We need a copy of the company registration.

Employment agreement

An employment contract has to be signed between the employer and the employee, copy of which has to be submitted to Eshaman Manpower.