At Eshaman Manpower, we cater to all sorts of services regarding placements of aspiring candidates. Our ethics and methodology of work keep us committed towards the various services.

Providing manpower

We follow unmatched recruitment principles to offer our clients with potential employees for a highly productive return. Over the years, we have developed a wide database of job seekers, categorizing them based on quality and talent.

The professionals at Eshaman Manpower have extensive knowledge of the job market, according to which they can source ideal candidates from various countries. We work with a motive to increase inflow of workforce in Qatar. Our company mainly hunts for quality people in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Assistance with employment

We also offer our clients assistance with employment so that they can hire the best candidate for their respective job vacancies. Through advanced systems and innovative recruitment procedures, we assess the potential of applicants to match your requirements with the help of our professional executives.

Assistance with Visa

As Eshaman Manpower strives to be the one-stop solution in this placement industry, we also provide fast and verified visa services. Having experience of years now, our team is proficient in handling legal documents of employees and completing the necessary procedures for travel, so that clients are kept off of this hassle.

Assistance with ticketing

Once a candidate has been selected and finalised, we also help and guide them in arranging for tickets for their travel. Ensuring a timely dispatch is what we look forward to.